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With more than 30 years' experience in the optical industry, Hwa Meei - an OEM and ODM company - specializes in sports eyewear, safety eyewear, military eyewear, ski and motorcross goggles, protection lenses, visors, and paintball masks. Our professional production line includes designing, assembly, inspection and packaging. We have the capacity to fulfill the needs of any international brand..

We strive to be the best.

  • - the best in quality
  • - the best in accuracy
  • - the best in design
  • - the best in intellectual property protection
  • - the best in social commitment

Vision-To become a global manufacturer of brand name protection eyewear.

  • To work with the best eyewear developers, designers and brand name companies worldwide
  • To build and maintain strong relationships with only the leading edge companies
  • To ensure we remain focused on both innovation and customer service
  • To continually improve our quality and to be recognized as the best in the industry
  • Year Established:1978
  • Capital:US$5.5 million
  • Numbers of Employees:600
  • Factories:Three in Tainan, Taiwan
  • Factory Space:6,500 + 8,500 +25,000 square meter
  • Quality Approval:ISO 9001
  • Environment Management Approval:ISO 14001.
    Certified scope : Plant 2, but its management system is not limited to the scope of the above certification. The scope of work derived and covered with the company provides products, activities and services (ex : Plant 1, Plant Tree Valley, contractors, suppliers...etc.) also applies.
  • Product Ranges : sports eyewear , goggles , safety glasses , lenses.
  • Annual capacity : 7 million sports eyewear / 5 million safety glasses / 1 million goggles / 9 million pairs regular lens / 1 million pairs Polar lens / 0.6 million pairs photo lens

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