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To meet the requirements of customers who are in their developing stages, our R&D team can provide the complete cycle such as presentation drawings and prototypes.



Development team :
Including product engineers and tooling engineers with average of 12 years' eyewear industry experience.

Yearly Capacity :

70-80 new styles a year.

Product range :

sunglasses, safety eyewear, goggles, lenses, masks and visors.

Tooling :

Over 30 years' experience in tool making (mold making) has made us very confident to take on the most complex procedures in modern tool making such as over molding.

Sampling team :

We provide samples upon your request (color, lens, frame material, etc.)


Design team :
Including concept designers and 3D engineers with
average of 7 years' eyewear design experience.

Software :

IDEAS a€¢ Solidworks a€¢ CATIA, UG NX

In House Rapid prototyping (SLA mock-up) :

We can provide an accurate
prototype of your design so
that it can be fit on and tested.

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